Electric Window Opener - Remote Operation

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Electric Window Opener - Remote Operation

Item number - 4030.003.495

Our electric window openers offer an economical and reliable way to open and close windows that are out of reach, difficult to access or best controlled by adults. Designed to handle both residential and commercial applications, these rugged openers are built-to-last and will add a touch of sophistication to any environment. They offer the perfect solution for opening clerestory, warehouse or gymnasium windows and yet, will look right at home in your residence. With the touch of a button, you can easily and quietly increase airflow in your living or office space.

The mechanism can be installed in a few minutes using simple tools. Please note: this mechanism opens the window approximately 6" and must be mounted opposite the window hinging.

Multi-window operational remote and wiring systems are available - please call us toll-free for more information.

Ships complete from our facility in North Carolina via UPS or Fed Ex. There is toll-free tech support and a YouTube installation tutorial can be viewed online at your convenience.


  • Window opener
  • Power supply
  • RF Receiver and receiver control box
  • Connecting wires and couplings
  • Cardboard mounting template and mounting hardware
  • Easy-to-read installation instructions