Adjustable Width Shoe Racks

Adjustable Width Shoe Racks
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Short Description :
Put unused closet space to work with this versatile shoe holder
Adjustable Width Shoe Racks

Adjustable Width Shoe Racks - Set of 3

Sku : 0111.001.131.3

Adjustable Width Shoe Racks

Adjustable Width Shoe Racks - Set of 6

Sku : 0111.001.131.6

Adjustable Width Shoe Racks

Aluminum Mounting Rails for Adjustable Width Shoe Racks

Sku : 0117.001.060

Product Description


These adjustable width shoe racks raise shoes to new heights and allow you to make use of vertical space that often goes unused in closets and storage space. The racks can be mounted directly on the wall or inside furniture, making it possible to utilize narrow spaces in closets, wardrobes, and nooks. This handy storage option can help clear up valuable floor space.

  • Polished chrome steel frame
  • Adjustable width from 18.9" to 32.7" (48-83 cm)
  • System 32 compatible
  • Made in Italy with fine quality and design
  • Available in two quantities:  3-pack or 6-pack. Grey mounting brackets, screws, and anchors included.
  • There are two mounting options:

1.  Mount each shoe rack individually using two plastic mounting brackets. Easy installation with only four screws per shoe rack.

2.  Stack multiple shoe racks vertically using aluminum mounting rails (sold separately). This allows up to six shoe racks to be installed at various heights to create a customized tiered storage system for your shoes and boots.


Additional Information
Skus Included 0111.001.131.3, 0111.001.131.6, 0117.001.060
Finish Polished Chrome
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Adjustable Width Shoe Racks


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