Functional Hardware

You can complete your projects and repairs with confidence using high quality functional hardware from Wood Technology.

Our durable hardware is perfect for jobs of all sizes -- be it full cabinetry builds, woodworking crafts, building a table, or just minor fixes around the house.

Browse more than 75 items including touch latches, screws, strike plates, slides, brackets, table legs, casters and much more.

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  • shop-functional-hardware-Large Magnetic Catch, Brown

    Large Magnetic Catch, Brown

  • shop-functional-hardware-High Boy Magnetic Catch, Brown

    High Boy Magnetic Catch, Brown

  • shop-functional-hardware-Single Magnetic Catch

    Single Magnetic Catch

    Starting at: $0.45

  • shop-functional-hardware-Double Magnetic Catch

    Double Magnetic Catch

    Starting at: $0.85

  • shop-functional-hardware-Mortise Type Magnetic Catch

    Mortise Type Magnetic Catch

    Starting at: $0.39

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