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TV Lift Customer Reviews

It's important that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. Feedback from some of our TV lift customers is below.




TV lift is great! Another great product by the Bosch people. This unit sets up easily and is very smooth operating and extremely quiet. After final installation in the new cabinet we are building it may be totally silent. Great product! -Lee Willis



Very Happy With The Whisper-Ride 700! After researching several tv lifts, we decided on the Whisper-Ride 700 for a replacement in our Fifth Wheel RV. Thank you Mike Fisher! The 700 fit our cabinet, easy install, quiet operation..works great! Mike Fisher was so helpful, he answered our questions with phone calls and emails! We highly recommend this lift and company. Thank you again! -Butch



Works like a charm. We ordered the Whisper Ride TV lift from Plasma Lift on March 18th and the lift was delivered to our doorstep on March 24th. We paid for expedited shipping so the total cost for delivery and shipping was $500.84. We had a custom cabinet made to hold a 42-inch flat screen Panasonic. The cabinet maker put a piano hinge across the back 1/3 of the top of the cabinet and it opens automatically when you push the button to raise the lift. The lift can be raised one of two ways... with the remote that was included or with the on/off button (also came with the lift). The cabinetmaker installed the button just inside in one of the storage areas in the top front of the cabinet. Everything works smoothly when the TV is raising or lowering. We love it. I did quite a bit of on-line research and no one came anywhere near their price. The only negative was that when we attempted to hook up the DVD player, we found that the ports were partially covered by the metal support that the TV was mounted to. We just cut away that small portion of the support - didn't affect stability at all - and that took care of the problem. -Indiana Girl



Dear Mike. Thank you so much for your outstanding customer service!!! You went far beyond what anyone would do to help us get our lift working again. All customer service people should take lessons from you. Greg and I were saying every day that Mike belongs in the "hall of fame". Thank you sincerely. -Carol & Greg S.



Easy to install and reliable. As a custom cabinetmaker, I have been using this mechanism for years and it is well priced, easy to install and reliable. -Harold


5 gold stars  

Mike’s customer service was exceptional! Quick to respond, willing to go the extra mile, and very pleasant to deal with. If all customer service people were like this the world would be a better place. Thanks Mike. -Ladd



Great Product!!! This review is a bit late. However, it is three years after I purchased this product in 2011:) It was purchased for a built-in TV cabinet. The lift has been amazing and there has been no issues mechanically. Great product! -KISHANE



Nice piece of equipment. I remodeled our kitchen and dining area and still wanted a television in the area for viewing but didn't want the sight of it when we had company. I went on line to see what options we had. Wood technology TV lifts came up, in one of the half walls we had that went down to the basement I installed one of these tv lifts. After the installation it worked great with one somewhat small problem it was nice and quite when it went up but had a growling bounce to it going down. I called Wood Technology to see if this was normal and the tech wanted to hear it and he listened to it over the phone and then recorded it and said that he would get back with me on it. Short time later he got back to me asked what type of tv I had on it and then he said that the lift that I ordered was for a larger tv and that I needed more weight about 20 pounds so I got a chunk of steel and added it to the base of the lift and the noise and bounce went away. It was pretty easy for a do-it-yourselfer to install and the only improvement that I would make and did to it was I installed stops to shorten the movement up and down and eliminated about 7 or 8 inches of unnecessary movement. Thanks for a great addition to the newly remodeled kitchen and dining area. -Steve



great Product (Whisper Ride 600). Easy to install. Smooth operation. Very quiet. This is my second whisper ride I have been extremely pleased.



Great! This TV lift is exactly what I needed to complete the stand I am building. Works like a charm! Very quiet and smooth. -Jecri



Worth the money. I just purchased this lift. I received the package and the power supply was dead. I called the manufacturer and was shipped a new one next day no hassle at all. It installs quickly by attaching to the back of the cabinet not the bottom. It is best to install 5/8 or 3/4" plywood to the back of the cabinet if it doesn't have a strong secure backing. The unit stands 34" tall so it is a tall unit. The universal arms did not fit on my 37" LG LH55 TV without slight modification. I had to drill new mounting holes to get this to work which was not a problem. The universal mounting arms are nothing fancy and will require two people to mount the tv to the lift. I would suggest getting the Cheetah mount to secure to the base as it's mounting is more flexible if you have close VESA mounts like on my TV and you don't want to drill. The Cheetah mount also has a hook type latching system which will allow one person to mount the tv to the lift. For another $20.00 would make things a lot easier. The unit works well. I would recommend to anyone. Just my .02 -John H. Smith



Five Stars. outstanding smooth and thin. -david goldfarb



I love it! I built a TV box for the end of my bed, and installed this lift. Very easy installation and setup. It works perfect, all of the components seam of good quality. The only down side is that it has a slight humming sound when going up and down? Still the best value I have found and after 8 months of daily use it works perfect. So far I am extremely satisfied the my purchase! -Robert A. Kniskern



Easy to understand and install. Great product so far. -Q_sosabros



Whisper Ride TV LiftHave had Whisper Ride TV Lift for over one year. No problems with shipping damage or parts missing. Works as advertised. Excellent quality for the money. -Ken



Wood Technology Whisper Ride TV LiftI finally had an opportunity to make a TV cabinet using a TV lift for a very good customer of mine. I looked at a few TV lifts and decided on the Woods Whisper Ride. This product is exactly as it is described by the manufacturer, reasonably priced, quiet, smooth and easy to install. I was considering mounting 2 shelves on the unit to hold the cable box and a DVR so I contacted their customer service and found them to be pleasant, easy to work with and very knowledgeable about their products. I give Woods Technology 5 stars for their product and their customer service as well. You can see this product for yourselves [...] -Butcher Bob



Mike. A long overdue THANK YOU! We got the unit working, and absolutely love it. I am truly impressed that you responded with helpful information to a person who is not a "customer". Service is a dying art...thank you for keeping it alive. -Sincerely, Jon



AUG 2008. Slight damage in shipping, should have package better. Found loose retaining screws, had to partially disassemble to tighten. Product performs well. -William J. Deramo



pretty pimp. I have already installed this into my custome built footboard and its pretty awsome. Its smooth, quite and strong. I have a hinged lid over the top of footboard and it easily lifts that and tv with no problem. remote is pretty cool also. Im gona be pissed though if they get alot of good reviews and they raise the price, since i want to buy another soon. If that happens rest assured i will update my review to bad. -gqliving



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